image attribution: “Pixel People on Rainbow Mountain” by TORLEY (2014) CC BY-SA 2.0

The Photomediations Creative Jam Cards are designed to enable you to run your own facilitated creative jam sessions. Incorporating four sets of creative tasks, the cards can be used to build unique and unexpected challenges or remixed to incorporate your own questions and interventions.


Rules of play:

Select one card from each category and;
1. consider the question
2. respond to the license card
3. find open images using the website or
QR code on the back of the cards.
4. set your timer
5. creatively respond to the challenge
6. share your work using the hashtag
Best practice for attribution:
1. Title of your creation
2. License of your creation (CC BY…)
3. Title of original work(s)
4. Source of orignal works (hyperlink)
5. License of original work (CC BY…)
You can find out more about attribution by visiting

The question card aims to stimulate thinking and discussion around open images and remix culture. Consider the question and what it might mean to 21st century content creators. For additional reading, you may like to check out the photomediations open reader.

The challenge cards inspire you to remix open source images in different ways. You can take the prompts literally or use your imagination to remix the deck! You can also visit the remix generator for creative tasks & challenges.

Pick a licence card to explore different open licenses and discover what they allow you to do with the work. You can use your selected licence to find similarly licensed images, or to share your own creations using that license. You can find out more about open licensing by visiting

Pick a duration card to determine how long you have to create your photomediations artefact!