image attribution: “Medusa” by Charlotte Vignau (2016) CC BY 2.0

The remix generator below is designed to provide you with an introduction to the basic processes and concepts of gathering and remixing open images by offering a pool of open tasks and content which you can utilise to create your own unique remix works.

Following the instructions below, work you way through each stage of the process with the aim of creating a new visual remix. We advise that you repeat the exercise at least 3 times to experience a range of open remix tools, licensing options and creative approaches. Once complete, you should have the beginnings of a unique body of work that demonstrates the acquisition of the values, attitudes and skills that are required to be a successful ‘open’ image creator.

Aims of the task
1. To create your own open image works.
2. To select and apply open licences in context.

Suggested Reading: A Guide to Open Licensing (3 min read) via


1. Generate and select your source images (press yellow button)

Find images

2. Save the source image/s, with attribution and licence information to your hard drive.

3. Generate a remix task (press blue button)

4. Set a timer for 15 minutes and get creative! Make as many images as you like in the time allocated, saving each version as you go.

5. Apply a licence from the Creative Commons UK licence selection page that you wish to apply to your new image.

Suggested Reading: Marking your work with a CC Licence (4 min read) via

Remember that if your source images were originally licensed under a Share Alike (SA) licence then you must share your new creation with at least a CC-BY-SA licence to make your image available to the rest of the creative community. We would also advise that you release your images with as few restrictions as possible to promote open collaboration between creators and acknowledge the open origins of your own work.

6. Share your image with others via online networks and photo sharing sites using #photomediations, remembering to provide attribution, indicate your open licence clearly so that it can be reused and built upon by others.

Further suggested reading:
Kuc, K. Shaw, J. Wamposzyc, M. Varney, R. Zylinska, J. eds. 2016. Photomediations: An Open Reader. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 19 July 2016].

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