image attribution: “City Man” by Leah Mitchell (2016) CC BY-NC-SA

Use this space to explore the image collection from Photomediations: An Open Book, and the open content archives, such as Europeana where they were discovered. Europeana contains millions of items from a range of Europe’s leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Renowned names such as the British Library in London, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Louvre in Paris are featured alongside smaller organisations across Europe. Whether you find a celebrated piece or a lesser-known work, Europeana connects you directly to the original source material.

Photography, optics and light The image in motion
Hybrid photomediations The networked image

You may also wish to consider some of the themes that are introduced within Photomediations: an Open Book and the Photomediations: Open Reader, combining the ideas contained within them with your own areas of personal interest to discover still and moving image content to remix and reuse. If you’re unsure where to start, try the photomediations remix generator for some introductory creative tasks, or use our random open image generator below for a taste of the variety of content available.

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When exploring any online collections, consider the quality and resolution of images in relation to how you want to use them (online/print), the particular license conditions of the images (explore further here), and ensure to safely note the original creators details and original link for attribution purposes.We’d love you to share other open image resources that you find particularly useful with the photomediations community either via Twitter #photomediations or in the comments section below.

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